Peter began his love affair with radio at an early age.  It coincided with his fascination for watching and experiencing different types of weather conditions.  He was able to merge these passions often by using vintage radios to scour frequencies that were full of static.  The static was provided by a change in weather patterns.  He knew it was destined to be a natural partnership.  His radio passion took a turn when upon completing his undergrad studies, he worked in public radio for several years.  During this time, his love for weather was incorporated into many a radio broadcast.  He continues to storm track today using eclectic radios Iand other means) to find new watches and warnings.  He is always intrigued by discovering a new station, or hearing news regarding rare weather worldwide. Taking these passions and combining them, was his way of educating all of us on both his passions.  Peter lives in Lake Geneva, WIsconsin with his wife.  " we're NOT in Kansas anymore..."


 Kelly Atkinson

Peter Atkinson